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At the core of all successful individual therapy exists an undeniable truth, that a strong one-to-one connection between therapist and client is absolutely essential to foster effective communication capable of dealing with subjects that are often difficult to discuss.

forest-waterfallI embrace a building-block approach to individual therapy, the cornerstone of which is to learn as much as possible about your immediate concerns before we examine relevant details about your family history. This initial collaborative effort produces a genogram, or family tree, which allows me to keep track of who’s who as we discuss people and events that have had an impact on you.

I’m especially interested in your family members and their relationships with one another, whether you knew your grandparents, and whether others in your family may have experienced the same or similar concerns that you bring to therapy. With this essential background information, we’re ready to discuss you—your worries, moods, stresses, anxieties, wants, needs, hopes and dreams.

Most of my clients who seek therapy and counseling bring with them a triad of concerns. In my 20 years’ experience, dealing individually with stress, anxiety and depression seldom produces the desired results because each concern negatively interacts with the other two.

One of the most common roadblocks to ridding oneself of the triad’s tentacles is learning how to better recognize and honor your emotions and feelings. My most important role in our search for a solution is showing you how to do that, and then to incorporate logic and rational thinking to make a critical choice of whether to respond and how, or not to react if that is most beneficial to your overall well-being.

AnnMcIntoshWe will also discuss the critical role of self-esteem and its relationship to what you value in life. Absent that, you will continue to be other-directed, constantly guessing what others want rather than directing your own way toward that which is vital to your welfare.

Together, we will always be asking if are you better, worse or the same as you explore new ways of behaving. We’ll make adjustments as necessary, and you’ll learn to add humor and a practical, less emotionally-driven approach to dealing with yourself and others. The result will be a stronger, more self-assured and approachable person who is well respected and likeable.

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For more information, please call (512) 306-9992, or send an email to All inquiries are held in strict confidence. Please understand that no counseling will be provided via the Internet or e-mail. Working with you in person is the best way to help you achieve your goals.

Daytime and selected early-evening sessions are available, Tuesday through Thursday 10:00am to 6:30pm. You may choose from three types of sessions: individual, couples, and family. Please feel free to ask about other possibilities to fit your lifestyle and needs.

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